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true cocora™ – 3 x 10 chocolate bars - organic

product code: TCOCO3X10/TCOCO3X10

30 x 25 g true cocora™ 70% - organic dark chocolate bar with olive extract

true cocora is organic dark chocolate that is truly good for you.

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Dive into a delicious bar of 70% dark chocolate with olive extract and know that it is truly good for you.

We want you to enjoy making healthy choices and although everyone knows that 70% dark chocolate can be good for you, we wanted your true cocora experience to be better than any other, both in terms of pleasure, and in terms of health.

The inclusion of olive extract in true cocora makes it extra creamy. You will have to try it to see what we mean. Plus each bar of true cocora 70% contains 35 mg of olive oil polyphenols which help your blood stay healthy (olive oil polyphenols are proven to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress).

Hand processed in Sweden, this allergen free, vegan, organic, fair trade, Peruvian dark chocolate with olive extract is truly good for you and the cocoa farmers too. Plus, it’s delicious!

Each bar of true cocora contains organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, acacia gum and organic natural olive extract. Nothing more.

The fairly traded organic cocoa beans we use to make true cocora are grown in Peru.

The olive extract in true cocora is 100% organic and is made from ancient olive trees in the Southern Mediterranean.

Truly indulge all your senses.

When you taste chocolate pay attention to sight, touch, sound, smell, taste, texture, aroma, aftertaste. And, relax. It’s good for you.

Our tasting notes:

Sweet malted caramel, deceptively creamy with savoury notes.
Roasted sugar, hints of rich cocoa, soft sweetness with a creamy mouthfeel and a crisp snap.

hand processed • organic • fair trade • dairy free • nut free • vegan • gluten free • allergen free • made in Sweden