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true results base pack for men

product code: TRBPMEE/TRBPMEE

BASE PACK (VALUE £368 / €404,50) 
1 x true pulse shipping in month 2 or 3 of your subscription
1 x true core™
2 x true omega™
1 x true vita™ for men

Your price €185.00
This item is part of a monthly subscription pack. Your base pack is worth £368 / €404,50 and will save you £199 / €219,50.

Buy this true results pack then click on “AUTOSHIP” in the main menu to set up a monthly product subscription for the true results subscription for men, which contains one each of true core, true omega and true vita™ for men. The customer price of the monthly true results pack is £135 / €145, saving you £19 / €21,50 every month on these three premium Nordic supplements!

Your subscription duration will be a minimum of 6 months. You will receive your base pack within 2-7 days and your monthly subscription will be sent to you every month on the date you specify. 

Your true pulse will be sent to you as soon as it is in stock. Estimated delivery is the end of September 2017 but please note that this may be subject to change. 

1.  Create your account or log in.
2.  Buy this base pack.
3.  Set up your monthly subscription.
4.  Receive your base pack & start using the products: 
   • take 16 ml of true omega a day of for your first   
     month then 8 ml a day for the following months.  
   • take two true vita tablets a day with a meal.
   • take one true core softgel a day with a meal.
5.  Receive your first monthly subscription.
6.  Receive your true pulse in month 2 or 3. 
7.  Start monitoring your heart health, body
    age, movement and more!